How does work's? is a Non Governmental Development Organization made up of volunteers who work to achieve the objective of maximizing the growth potential of local governments through International Cooperation and all kinds of international relationships that contribute to strengthening their democracies. In, we care for our human resources and we intend to enlarge the team over time to achieve our goal and to encourage local governments to benefit from cooperation projects and international relacionamoento.

Who funds the proyect? gets help from public and private entities that share with us the idea that the international profile of local governments is a valuable way for the development and growth in an international community that has much to offer people in the process of development.
 All funds from entities that value the principle that international cooperation to promote peace and the growth of towns are welcome. Local governments, international financing institutions, national governments, aid agencies and foundations to join the democratic progress of governments in developing countries in general are partners who share the values of and willing to provide financial or technical contributions to the project.

How to support is open toanykind ofhelpto achievean end,so allcontributionsare always welcometohelpachievethepurpose. The organizationis open toanytype ofsubsidyeither:
    Technical inputs.Paradiplomacia.orgreceivetechnical support fromvariousacademic institutions andNGOsin ordertomaximizeknowledgeandimprove our service toreachtownsand cities aroundthe world.     Regular financial contributions.Agreementsare madewithbackersin order to realizeanannual ormonthlycontribution.

    Physical inputs:Paradiplomacia.orgreceivework itemssuch ascommutatororInternet servicecompanies thatsharethe valuesofthe organization.      Donations.Organizationreceivesallkindsof donationsthatcontributeto thegrowthof the magazineandtheDiffusionofthisnascentbutpromisingform of international cooperationfor development

Making Contributions

For contributions in kind or technical nature, contact the phone 15-6179-8616 between 10 and 18 hours Monday through Friday, or write to
For cash contributions if their contribution is made through a deposit account:
If your contribution will be orchestrated using this option, please direct transfer to current account (CUIT: 30-7dd7694-0 / CBU: 1910173d85501730d2) No. 191-173-005946 / 3 Credicoop Bank, Branch No. 173, Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

 If you prefer to perform the operation, write to or call 4381-2371 between the hours of 10 to 19 hours.

Our commitment to transparency made public the source of its funding from grants and funded projects. not receive donations from companies that provide public services, or companies that occupy key roles in the markets. condition does not accept donations or contributions to the institution to limit their advocacy.

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