Future Cities 2012.

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Desde : 30 de Marzo de 2012
Hasta : 30 de Marzo de 2012
Lugar : Moscú, Rusia.
While some cities are thriving,  many are declining - what will the urban landscape of 2030 resemble?

Future Cities Moscow has been designed to bring Russia's urban leaders together with the people managing, designing, building and financing the world’s most progressive and successful cities. Their innovative approaches and unique expertise in urban planning, infrastructure development and investment will inform and inspire an audience of 150 leaders from Government and industry.

We will discuss

How can Russia's cities become commercially successful, knowledge-driven societies? 

What lessons can be applied from innovative projects taking place around the world? 

How can Russia's cities attract human and financial capital and compete on a global scale? 

How will technology change the way cities are governed? What is the best way for city projects to be financed?

More information: http://cemea.economistconferences.com/event/future-cities-moscow

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