Toronto Forum for Global Cities

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Desde : 24 de Octubre de 2011
Hasta : 25 de Octubre de 2011
Lugar : Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto.


5th Annual Conference, New Risks, New Opportunities, Infrastructure, Natural Resources, Finance, the Global Economy. 

October 24 and 25, 2011. Metro Toronto Convention Centre. South Building. 

Foundations for Optimal Growth: Energy and Infrastructure Challenges in Tomorrow’s Economies. 

Investments in energy and infrastructure are key determinants in economic growth. What is the right balance between developing cleaner forms of energy as opposed to the less expensive development of traditional energy resources? In the context of aging infrastructure and  demands for fiscal  restraint, how will global cities  achieve optimal growth? Can green infrastructure and clean energy foster sustainable economies? 

Green Energy: Opportunities for Sustainable Growth.

Blooming investments in hydro and solar energy, combined with calls for the greening of traditional energy sources are shaping new economic opportunities. Is a transition between subsidies and market efficiency on the way?  How are greener oil sands, clean coal and shale gas part of the sustainability equation? What business opportunities are stake in the development of alternative sources of energy?  

Innovation Cities: Powering the Future.

Global cities are at the heart of innovation, shaping economic growth and global productivity. Which investments will be needed for current growth hubs to retain their competitive advantage? Which factors are key to foster and strengthen innovation in metropolitan areas? How does leadership play in?

A Global Economy in Transition: Shifting Balances.

The global downturn has left Western economies coping with unprecedented levels of deficits and the recovery is still uncertain. Amid growing calls for austerity, what consequences will sovereign debt challenges bring in the short and long term? What are optimal models for effective governance in the global economy? What role should the G20 play? 


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